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August-2014-Graduating-Class SHAP

Eager Students
Eager students raise their hand to ask questions regarding shotguns from Mike Clemence and Kevin Mulkeran

SHAP – State Hunter Safety Program is a Safari Club hunter safety program sponsored by the Southeast Bowhunter Chapter, S.C.I. It’s held each August at Camp Echo Grove in Leonard Michigan. The camp is owned by the Michigan Salvation Army and has been upgraded for updated rifle and archery ranges to help their campers and the S.H.A.P. camp.

Joe Rodger showing the students a owl “close up”
Joe Rodger showing the students a owl “close up”

The program is held each August for young hunters between 12 – 15 years old. The program starts Friday around noon & is done around noon on Sunday. The students that successfully complete the weekend get not only their Michigan Hunter Safety card, they also complete their I.B.E.P. (International Bowhunter Education Program) which is required to archery hunt in some states & Canadian provinces. The students also enjoy many of the camps other amenities during their weekend.

This year our chapter sponsored 6 youths to the camp. So far we have been lucky enough as a chapter to be able to pay the registration fee for the new hunters we sponsor and hope to continue this practice in future years. We have been sponsoring new hunters to the S.H.A.P. weekend for 18 years and have sent almost 100 new hunters in that time.

Joanne Williams (front and Joe Rodger (rear blurred) present their Birds of Prey progra

One question I get quite often is, do you have to be an SCI family member to be sponsored, NO you do not have to belong to SCI to attend. Another question is I don’t want to send my child alone, then have them come with a friend. I occasionally doo have to limit how many kids from our chapter attend as is it is sponsored by the S.E. Bowhunter’s and they open it to other S.C.I. chapters, so space is limited.

Kevin Mulkeran
Kevin Mulkeran (rear holding map) discusses ground blinds and back pack gear

So if you have children, relatives or neighbors interested in hunting and will need to get their hunter safety card and want a great experience keep this program in mind. Just another chapter member benefit that is a recipient of our Wild Game Dinner.

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