Carson’s Wish Hunt

Carson Dominick Wish Hunt

with SCI Flint, Conquest and High Rack Ranch

Carson Wish Hunt SCI Flint

Carson’s Story:

Carson Wish Hunt SCI FlintOn Day 1, I arrived at the High Rack Ranch nervous and excited. Not really sure what to expect, but really wanted to hunt for a big buck. I was greeted by all the guys and felt comfortable instantly. It was a nice cabin.

When I first got in the blind it was lightly raining and somewhat chilly. However, the blind was nice and cozy. So, we opened the windows and let the fresh air in to smell outside. Once we did this the mosquitos started to come in and nibble on us. Devon, my hunting guide put down a mosquito attractor and controlled the problem. We then relaxed and waited for the bucks to come. I did not get to shoot at any deer today, but saw a lot of does and some small bucks.

Carson Wish Hunt SCI FlintOn Day 2, we got up early to go out to the blind before the deer were awake. This was the day we started to see a lot of big bucks. Especially the buck we called “Buster”. He was huge with a nice set of antlers and a very big head. He caused us a lot of trouble, by teasing us. Always walked in areas that we could not get a good shot. We waited and waited for a chance, then got one and the gun didn’t fire right. The gun got jammed! Buster took off and we didn’t see him for the rest of the morning.

Day 2 later in the afternoon, we went back out. Buster came back and walked right toward the blind. Devon told me to get ready, so I lined the gun up on my target. I scoped him out and took the shoot. Boom!!! I hit him, he jumped up and took off into the woods. We waited for about 10 minutes, then Devon and I went out to find him. We found a blood trail, but it started to get dark quickly and we had to quit. So, we took a break, got dinner which I help prepare with Chef Jacob and planned on searching in about 2 hours. But, it started to rain heavy so we had to start the search the following day.Carson Wish Hunt SCI Flint

Day 3 after breakfast, we started our search again in the last area we saw blood. After 4 hours of searching we found “Buster” dead in the high brush. I was so happy we found him!! We took a few pictures and then loaded him into a Ranger and headed back to the cabin. He was huge, I couldn’t even drag him.

I had so much fun I didn’t want to go home………..

Carson Wish Hunt SCI Flint

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