Sportsman Against Hunger

Sportsmen Against Hunger BannerIt’s that time again for me to say ” hello” to all of you hunters and friends. Another hunting season has passed and I hope that everyone had a great hunt and success. Just wanted to give you all an up-date on this years donations for our Sportsmen Against Hunger campaign. We received just over 2200 lbs of meat last year for people in our community. It was short of my personal goal, but you know that we all have goals, which is a good thing. It makes us push harder, work harder and more determined to achieve the end result of crossing the finish line. I don’t feel bad that we didn’t reach the 3000 lb mark, but I am determined more than ever to work harder this year to get there ! So, for this to happen I am asking for each and everyone of you to help me get this done. We can do more collectively in large numbers and big hearts. This is a team event and this Flint Chapter has the heart and means to make this a reality. So donate whatever you can this next year and help out those families that really are counting on us. Here is an idea for all of you; if you hit a deer with your car or truck, donate that deer to S.A.H.. Contact me and I will come and pick it up from you and get it to the Eastern Food Bank in Flint. I will even give you a ride home if you need one. This is a “care and share” program that works for us all. We feed our friends and neighbors, and we feel good about it ! It only takes a few minutes to tell your processor that you want to give a lb or 2 to the S.A.H. program, or pick up your phone and call me to pick up a deer for a donation. It’s all good, and it helps ! With this being said, I want to thank each and everyone of you that help us by donating and making this a great program for a great cause. Have a great year, be safe and we will talk again soon. Dennis Gepfrey S.A.H. Chairman

Dennis Gepfrey

Sportsmen Against Hunger Chairman


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