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Hunger (SAH) for a number of years. During 2018 we partnered with Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) to help multiply both organization’s efforts in helping to feed the hungry in our communities. Our increased efforts helped grow donations by a little over 5% this past hunting season. Thank you to everyone who contributed venison or supported SAH in any way.

In working with SAH this past year I learned that despite the fact that the program has been around for many years awareness among hunters about SAH and how it works is very low. Many times I heard hunters say “Yes, I’ve heard of SAH but I don’t know much about it” or they have said “Yes its a good idea but I don’t want my deer to go to somewhere else I want to help feed those right here in my community.” Too often I have heard “what a great idea, I wish I had known about it sooner”

The Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger program is an all volunteer, 501c3 nonprofit organization that incorporates participating game processors throughout the state as drop off locations for whitetail deer harvested by hunters. Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger is funded by contributions made when purchasing hunting, fishing, trapping or ORV licenses. These donations pay for the processing of the contributed deer.  During the sale the license vendor is supposed to ask if you would like to contribute to SAH.  If they don’t ask please remind them to do so and then contribute a dollar or more. These funds make it possible for hunters to donate a deer to SAH at a participating processor at no cost to the hunter.  

The venison is ground into hamburger and collected from the processor by a nonprofit community food bank, pantry or shelter working in coordination with the processor. This way, deer donated remain in the community around them. The processor who receives the deer submits a voucher to Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger showing the nonprofit organization that received the meat and the number of pounds given and is then paid for their services.

If you know of a deer processor in your area who is not currently participating but may be interested in helping please let me know and we will take the necessary steps to help them get set up. The more processors that are available the easier it is for hunters to drop off a deer. Keep in mind that each participating processor must be either state or federally inspected before any food bank or other food distribution charity can accept donations from them.

This summer I am asking you to please do four things:
When you buy a hunting or fishing license contribute a dollar to SAH.
Ask your local deer processor if they are already participating or would be willing to participate as a receiving point for SAH.

Have a fun and safe summer
Let me know if I can help you with Sportsmen Against Hunger

Thanks for your help

CJ Merriman
Sportsmen Against Hunger Director

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