SCI-Flint Outfitters Expo

The chapter’s 14th annual Expo was held at the Davison Country Club on the eve of our fundraiser.  This event originated from Jerry Eaton’s idea to help our donating outfitters get additional exposure to potential clients.  By having a successful expo, we create a more attractive incentive when we solicit potential outfitters and donors.  Over the years, we have learned that our outfitters really appreciate the extra effort SCI Flint puts into a successful Friday night expo.  Many attendees to this event do not come to the Saturday night fundraiser.  The expo also gives our chapter members and fundraiser clients the opportunity to spend more time with a donor in a relaxed atmosphere to discover what they have to offer and research the donations for Saturday night’s auction.

The SCI Flint chapter has an opportunity to showcase what we do at this event and we always sign up a few new members.  Every year, we raffle a few guns, showcase our 4-wheeler and safe and recover a few dollars of our expenses, but this event is not intended to turn a profit.

Once again, we had the laser shot game for kids to “practice” their shooting skills.  The kids love the game, and the parents have time for visiting with friends or outfitters without the “I want to go” or “when are we leaving” routine.  Thanks go out to chapter members Barb McQuillan for being our emcee and past board member Kirk McQuillan for helping our hunt donor chair, Ron Douglas plan and execute a smooth event.  Thanks also to chapter member Tina Carter for helping with the ladies gun raffle.

The Board of Directors hope to see you at next year’s 15th Annual Outfitter’s Expo on Friday, the 10th of March, 2017.

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