SCI Blue Bag Travels to Africa

SCI Flint Blue Bag travels to AfricaWhat I learned during my trip in Africa:

Values take a lifetime to teach but luckily we are constantly learning and growing.  Many of us are fortunate to have good parents guiding us along the way.  As adults, we may not notice how our parents have influenced our character over the years by teaching us these cherished values.    Life will always have its ups and downs but with good guidance we are taught how to make lemonade with life’s lemons.  Unfortunately, we are not all lucky enough to have someone helping us through life’s daily struggles.  Imagine being a young child living in a court appointed orphanage with about fifteen other children.  Your house is run by one adult and you are never able to get that one-on-one time you desperately want.  School is year round with four holidays and you look forward to the day you get to pick out “new” used clothes.  When the day comes that you get to go to the store you’re overjoyed to pick out the shoes and sportswear.  Now flashback to reality, the government only funds 50% of the operation meaning the orphanage relies heavily on donations.  It was truly an honor to bring the children of Africa the SCI Flint Chapters donation of shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, and other hygiene supplies.  Personally, I tip my hat to Botes and Chrisna from Botes Hunting Safari because they donate hundreds of pounds of meat from their hunts to these forgotten children.  If providing thousands of meals aren’t enough, Botes and his wife also donate something that money can’t buy.  This year, Botes Hunting Safari will take about 12 children and teach them about animals and how to become a professional hunter.  The real lesson that these aspiring youth will learn are actually values that they will unknowingly carry the rest of their lives.  Hopefully, with continued conservation efforts we can offer a new perspective on hunting and the benefits it brings worldwide.

SCI Flint Chapter Membership Director

Dennis Peters

 SCI Flint Blue Bag travels to AfricaSCI Flint Blue Bag travels to Africa
 SCI Flint Blue Bag travels to AfricaSCI Flint Blue Bag travels to Africa

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