My Wish Hunt Success Story!


Jack DeWitt Big. That’s my deer. Big rack, big body. And he is proud too. Even in death he is proud. He will be proud above my fireplace. Proud to be the centerpiece of the room. The trophy. But this deer, this awesome trophy, and could not have been mine without the Flint Chapter of Safari Club International. You saw me, a 15-year-old with many problems and unlike so many others, gave me a chance. People credit me for making a good shot, but that would not have been made if SCI Flint had not given me a chance. Only in my mind have I seen what the deer will look like once he is mounted. But I know when I get him that he will look better than I ever thought. So thank you. Thank you for sponsoring me to hunt. Thank you for letting me stay at the lodge. Thank you for mounting the first deer I have ever gotten. Thank you.

-Jack DeWitt and Family Howell, MI

Special thanks to Extreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio for the opportunity to hunt at your lodge and also to Chasing Tail Taxidermy for donating the taxidermy work for our Wish Hunters.

-Zach Goodheart, Wish Hunt Director

Jack DeWitt Jack DeWitt Jack DeWitt

Jack DeWitt

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