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My name is Dennis Peters, the current membership director of the SCI Flint Chapter. I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for joining us this weekend during our chapter’s largest fundraising event. This event is planned each year not only to raise money but also engage and reconnect the fellow sportsmen. That being said, if you are not a member of the Flint SCI Chapter please find me during the show, because we need to get you signed up! Why? If you consider yourself a hunter, this is the easiest and best way to promote the sport and preserve it for future generations.
Since 2000, SCI Foundation has provided $60 Million to promote science-based conservation through wildlife research, education, and humanitarian programs that prove the importance of the hunting community worldwide.
Since 1979, SCI has spent nearly $400 Million on hunter advocacy and wildlife conservation.
As you can see, each and every member contributes to these supporting efforts to help make a global impact. I strongly encourage memberships not because it is my job but because it is my passion. We must protect the habitats and protect our freedom to hunt.

Dennis Peters, Peters’ Glass, Romeo MI. 586-752-4150

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