It Addes Up Fast!

Can you believe that it is September already and fall is coming fast? We have had a really great summer, so now onto a great hunting season.

Yes, it is that time again and I am still up to my usual routine collecting food for our community and families that count on us. It has been a slow year for some reason getting the calls and donations this year. Hopefully things will start picking up now that deer season is about to start again!

The Eastern Food Bank has expanded their business and are doing school lunch programs now and need our help even more. Once again, I am reaching out to each and every one of you to help this worthy cause. Donate whatever you can this year to help our friends, families and neighbors whenever it is possible.

Since this program began SCI has donated over
40,000 lbs of meat to the Food Bank.

So far, since this program began SCI has donated over 40,000 lbs of meat to the Food Bank. This is from all of you that donate every year and because of your generous donations, hundreds of families lives are better. It is the little things in life that we do, that make the biggest differences possible. We need to be involved anyway we can to make good things happen. It will put a smile on your face knowing that you helped a stranger and his family. So with that being said, I am reaching out to you again for your help to donate whatever you can this hunting season. 1 or 2 lbs of meat is not much to donate, but when you add all of these donations together, it adds up fast! SCI is doing our best to help our community, our neighbors and those in need as much as we can.

We need your help and thank you for your efforts. Be safe in woods and good luck this season!

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