Humanitarian Projects

2016 Humanitarian Projects

  • Sportsmen Against Hunger: SCI Flint once again conducted a successful program donating wild game to the needy. In the fall 2015/winter 2016, we collected approximately 2,000 pounds of venison for the local food banks through this program. Since 1998, we have collected more than 39,865 pounds of meat. We also donated the cost of processing and supplies totaling $1,240 and purchased a new freezer for food storage.
  • Eastern Michigan Food Bank: SCI Flint continued our financial support of our local food-bank with a $1,000 donation. They work with our Sportsman’s Against Hunger program to distribute the donated and processed game.
  • SCI Flint Blue Bag Program: In 2015/6 SCI Flint continued with our strong Blue Bag program by sending a blue bag to South Africa with chapter member CJ Merriman. Since 2007 we have sent 30 bags overseas.
  • Disabled Veterans Hunt: The SCI Flint Regional Chapter donated $1,000 to Tails-a-Waggin’ fields for their yearly pheasant hunt for Veterans.
  • Safari Wish: The SCI Flint Regional Chapter funded 2 Safari Wish Hunts- total cost over $6,100. Jack, who is wheel chair bound and Austin, who has downs syndrome both hunted at Extreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio.
  • Flint Water Crisis: SCI Flint donated the proceeds of a hunt auction item to the Salvation Army to be used for the Flint Water Crisis. Donor Josh White lost his son in an auto accident and the $3,000 donation was made in his memory.

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