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First of all, I want to let you know how grateful I am to have the support of SCI – Flint Chapter and the impact it has had on our Community. From the training teachers received at AWLS, to our Michigan Fish Aquarium in our Media Center, to regular funding of the Hahn Fishing and Outdoor Club’s programs which began in 2007 and continues, our children have benefited. It is rewarding to see the kids eyes light up as they connect with the natural world and each other. This would not be happening in our schools without your support. Words cannot express how thankful I am for SCI-Flint Chapter’s support.

Now, our schools have been given the William’s Property to use for education grades K through 12 that includes two empty homes and 100 acres of woods located near the corner of M-15 and Atherton Road. Getting the kids out of the classroom and close to nature provides meaningful education that lasts. The houses and property were donated to the Davison Schools and Davison Township by Robert C. Williams to use for education. The Davison Historical Museum is now located there along with an extensive trail system. What I would like to do with your help is build a Sensory Safari like the Sensory Safari Trailer once used at the Spring Outfitter Show.. I remember my Dad taking my kids and how excited they were to touch a bear’s tooth, a deer’s antlers and pet a wolf. It is the hands on experience that helps build that respect, wonder and appreciation. Having a Sensory Safari Room sponsored by the SCI-Flint Chapter for all the Davison Community Schools’ students to experience will make a lasting impression and contribute to our students’ education in ways the books, computers, television, and classroom lecture cannot.

Do you have members that are tired of looking at that old bobcat, fox, or water buffalo they have in their living room? Is that old giraffe head or polar bear sitting in the corner collecting dust? What about the 6 point deer head in the den? Also, we would be interested in old furniture. We have an empty house and would like to create a lodge type feel as students come to get a hands on experience in the outdoors.

I would be glad to answer any questions or provide a tour of this wonderful place that holds so many possibilities. I look forward to hearing from you.

Gratefully yours,

Shelly Konzman

Hahn Physical Education

Hahn Fishing and Outdoor Club

Hahn Physical Education

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