Conservation Prgs.

2016 Conservation Projects

  • Michigan Wolf Study: SCI Flint continued to work with the Michigan Involvement Committee (MIC) and the Michigan DNR Wildlife Division. SCI Flint donated 2,000 to the Wolf study and will apply a matching grant for $2,000 from SCI. With the PR Act funding multipliers, our donations generated significant funding for the DNR for this project. In the past, SCI Flint funded more than $15,000 for Moose Projects with the State of Michigan, and more than $6,000 for Bobcat Study, $3,000 for the Predator-Prey Project, and funded $23,000 for the Wolf Study.
  • Michigan Woodcock Habitat Study: The Flint Chapter donated $2,000 to the Woodcock Habitat Study also through SCI-MIC.
  • SCI Flint / RGS Habitat Weekend: SCI Flint had three members on the ground at Lee Grand Game Area planting trees to improve the area for small game hunting. This project was funded through a grant from the Michigan DNR GEMS (Grouse Enhanced Management Sites) program.
  • SCI Flint/Pheasants Forever Joint Project: SCI Flint entered into a partnership with three Pheasants Forever Chapters to apply for a Michigan DNR GEMS grant and improve habitat at the Lapeer State Game Area. Each Pheasants Forever Chapter has appropriated $2500 and SCI Flint has appropriated $6900. We expect to receive the grant in November. All 4 clubs are volunteering on the project as well.
  • SCI Flint/Davison Ducks Unlimited: SCI Flint donated $2600 to the Davison Chapter of Ducks Unlimited for a conservation project.
  • SCI Flint/Ruffed Grouse Society: SCI Flint used Ruffed Grouse Society members for auction spotters and donated $1000 to the club for a conservation project.

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