Austin’s Wish Hunt

Austin’s passion for the outdoors runs deep within. He loves to go exploring in the woods, looking for animals with his binoculars, sports, and just about SCI Flint Wish Huntanything that involves being outside. When Austin met Zach Goodheart and was given the opportunity by the Safari Club International-Flint Chapter to participate in the Safari Wish Hunt, we knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a weekend of memories he would never forget!

SCI Flint Wish HuntAustin and his father, Walt, arrived at World Class Whitetails of Ohio on Friday night and were greeted by Ron, his wife Karen and Bradley. They had a bonfire and a wonderful dinner. The hospitality they received far exceeded their expectations! In preparation for the big day, they exchanged many stories about previous hunts, and stories about the many trophies on the wall. Austin’s excitement was building. He knew he was about to experience something that most people in a lifetime would not have a chance to experience.SCI Flint Wish Hunt

Saturday morning, they set out for Austin to hunt his buck. After about an hour of him patiently waiting, there he was. To say this buck was a monster is an understatement! With where the deer was standing, they knew it would be a tough shot, but Austin was not worried. He said “I got this” and sure enough he was about to get it. A minute later he was getting lined up for the big shot. Calming his nerves and excitement was a must. Seeing a deer like this would make any experienced hunter a little nervous. He was ready… one shot and the buck was down! The excitement was written all over his face! I’m not sure if he was more excited about the size of the 22 point buck, or the fact that he succeeded with the shot!

SCI Flint Wish HuntTo everyone who played a part in making this possible for Austin, Thank you! The passion that you all showed during this time was commendable. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough to show how truly grateful Austin is for this experience. This was a moment he will never forget.

-Danielle, Austin’s mother

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