2016 Jim George Scholarship

SCI Flint Jim George Memorial Scholarship


The Safari Club International, Flint Regional Chapter along with friends and family of Jim George are proud to announce a scholarship fund has been created in his memory. Jim was a long time supporter of our chapter and he loved the outdoors and the lifelong friendships made while hunting. Jim especially enjoyed campfire hunting tales, cooking and camaraderie of friends during the hunt.

Hunting and ConservationSteven Mosby

Steven Mosby

20 July 2016

Hunting and Conservation

Some people and even some organizations claiming to be for “conservation” are anti-hunting. These are people that do not know the facts or simply refuse to listen to the facts because they let emotions get involved. The fact is that hunting and conservation are one in the same.

Hunting is a very useful tool for conservation and it would cause many issues if people ever stopped hunting in America. The truth is that hunting allows us to control animal populations from going out of control. It keeps predators in check and it keeps deer populations at a manageable level so we do not have so many cars hitting deer for example. It helps balance the wildlife with what the land can support. The most important thing to note about hunters when it comes to this topic, in my opinion, is that the average hunter loves animals. Whether anti-hunters believe it or not, hunters are invested in animals more than any other group I can think of. Hunters want to be closer to the animals and this is why we enjoy the chase so much. It’s not for the joy of killing but rather the experience of the chase and being curious of animals themselves. This is why some of the most successful conservation groups ever created have been run by hunters for hunters. Groups like Ducks Unlimited or Safari Club International or even the National Wild Turkey Federation were created by hunters and have been the most successful conservation organizations ever. There was a time when there were very few ducks left and very few turkeys but today there are millions thanks to these organizations ran by hunters. According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, sportsmen contribute an average of $8 Million to conservation every day. This is done through donations, hunting licenses, and taxes on guns, bows, and ammo. Every hunter in America contributes dollars to conservation whether large or small. Many even give their time at local conservation organizations to help protect our nation’s resources. I think it is safe to say that without hunting, there would be no real conservation!

I personally cannot imagine a world without hunting because I’ve hunted with my dad since before I could even remember. It is safe to say that I am hooked for life. This is proof enough to me that hunting will always be the driving force in conservation. There is not a person more interested in conserving the great outdoors than the American hunter. Many of us live and breathe the outdoors and as far as I can tell that’s not changing anytime soon.

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