SCI – Flint

Safari Club International – Flint Regional Chapter

SCI Mission Statement:

Safari Club International is the Leader in protecting the Freedom to Hunt and in promoting Wildlife Conservation Worldwide!

SCI Foundation Mission Statement:

SCI Foundation funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education.

President’s Message

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Dear Fellow SCI Flint Chapter Members,

Spring turkey season is upon us and I have heard of several good gobblers taken by members.  Many of us will be enjoying fishing in Michigan this summer, and several chapter members have already reported great success with some of our fundraiser exhibitors.  Then we will begin to prepare for the fall hunting seasons and all the anticipation of the hunts in waiting.

As the seasons evolve, so does our chapter.  This will be my last remarks as President of the Flint Chapter.  On July 1st, I will pass the torch to Ron Douglas, the next president of our chapter.  Our chapter, and the Board of Directors is very healthy at this time and the future outlook is just as bright as the past accomplishments.

We have just completed one of the most successful fundraisers (if not the most successful) ever in the history of the chapter.  The Hunt Donor Committee deserves a great deal of credit for an outstanding auction list, but everyone involved in the fundraiser did a great job and the improved economy in Michigan may be the most important factor.  The Board of Directors has been infused with some young enthusiastic members and a succession plan is in place for next few years.  The BOD has been very fiscally responsible and instituted some cost savings measures that allow us to deliver the same level of service and benefits to our members.   The conservative approach on spending has not affected our support of youth, humanitarian, education, or conservation programs.  We were also able to donate over $50,000 to the successful Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act in Michigan, while increasing our reserve fund during my presidency.

Upcoming events include the First Annual Golf Outing on June 13 at the Lapeer Country Club and the awards banquet on August 7 at the Davison Country Club.  Thanks go out to Bob Myers, Dennis Gepfrey, and Tom Dennis for planning the first golf outing.  I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of our chapter and BOD for supporting me during my term as President of the Flint Regional Chapter of SCI.

Life is short, hunt hard, and pass it on,

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